Special Olympics Scarf Project

In 2009, Red Heart established a program in conjunction with the Special Olympics to collect scarves generously donated by knitters and crocheters. The program, which ran from 2009 to 2012, distributed the hand knit scarves to athletes competing in Special Olympics programs throughout the US. In 2012 I knit several scarves for Special Olympics, and was disappointed when I found that the program concluded.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter in May from the Special Olympics of Wyoming requesting scarves for their athletes competing in the state games in 2019. After further research, I found a list of states still participating in the scarves project on the blog Colouring with Yarn!

Although I am a primarily selfish knitter, I am taking this opportunity to use knitting for charity purposes and plan to knit at least five scarves for the Special Olympics of Wyoming. The colors requested by the Special Olympics of Wyoming are really fun: neon and black. Since neon is not a color I knit with frequently, so I am really excited to have an opportunity knit with it.

There are some guidelines, including size requirements (54-60 inches long and 6-7 inches wide). Since the scarf has to be washed before sending, I am using acrylic aran-weight yarn. I found a great selection of neon yarns from Love Knitting’s Paintbox yarns collection. The Paintbox yarn collection is budget-friendly ($2.69 for a ball of 201 yards of Aran weight yarn) and feels super soft. I highly recommend it if you are joining in!

I love the idea of giving back through knitting, so I hope I can focus and meet (or exceed) my goal. Do you give back through knitting? If yes, how?



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