New Year, New Knits

Well 2020 was an experience to say the least. An experience I do not want to repeat. It seems like everyone I talk to had a tough year, and it was no exception for me. The year started out promising – newly engaged to an amazing guy, excited to plan our wedding – and promptly took a 180 degree spin when we unexpectedly lost my fiancĂ©’s mom, followed by my grandmother’s passing a month later, followed by state-ordered shut downs the next month. Somehow, during shut downs and uncertainty, we purchased our first house, one of the few good things that came out of this year. I’m thankful I was able to continue working when so many could not, but my work environment went from demanding (my usual schedule is 8-9am to whenever work ends – generally between 7-9pm), to ultra-demanding with a 24/7 expectation of working as my co-workers juggled parenting and worked odd hours. As someone who worked remotely prior to the shut downs, this new world-wide remote corporate environment unleashed new problems, but that is a conversation for another day. Let’s talk knitting!

If you felt like 2020 was not a productive knitting year, I am with you. In 2019 I finished 18 projects, including five sweaters, five pairs of socks, four shawls and a super cute dog hoodie for Darcy. In 2020 I finished 9 projects. One sweater. A bunch of baby hats. Six socks. Poor Darcy didn’t even get a bandana! Nothing complicated, because, quite frankly, my brain couldn’t handle it. My favorite project of the year? Find Your Fade shawl in the original SUPER BRIGHT colors. It was easy to knit, is my happy wrap, and bring me so much joy. If you need a simple knit, do yourself a favor and knit this.

Find Your Fade in progress over the summer

I’m hoping for more knitting in 2021. I have a few WIPs that I’d really like to finish first – at the top of the list is my Westknits MKAL shawl in the most perfect moody wintery colors.

Slipstravaganza! This shawl is going to be HUGE! I am on the i-cord bind-off, and with over 900 stitches(!), it is taking a LONG time.

Next I’d like to get my Cavalgante sweater finished – it is a squishy brioche sweater that has very limited wear in Florida, so it needs to get finished soon!

The last photo I took of it in August – I am almost done with the body, then its just the sleeves!

Yesterday I sat down to make a list of projects that I want to knit – and I found it hard to write out. Setting goals this year in some ways just doesn’t feel right. So I’m trying to keep my knitting goals – and life goals – fluid this year. If there is anything I learned in 2020, its that every day is precious, and things can change in an instant. I have a couple projects in mind, but I’m going to let whatever yarn is sparking joy be my guide. Right now its the absolutely gorgeous advent calendar fade from Artemis Yarns I opened up last month.

This. Fade. Alllll the heart eyes!

Stunning, right?? I had planned to knit the Radvent Throw by Ambah O’Brien but after seeing the whole fade this has to be a faded piece. The Fade into Advent wrap by Lisa K. Ross (Paper Daisy Creations) was written for last year’s Artemis Yarns faded advent and is a front runner, although I really want to knit a blanket or throw of some sorts. Comment if you have any pattern suggestions! If I have any leftover yarn it might need to be a mini faded sweater or bandana for Darcy – wouldn’t it be the cutest?

I’d love to know how you feel about your 2020 knitting and if you are setting knitting goals for 2021. Is there something you are really excited to knit or a yarn you are excited to knit with?

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