I love the way the maker community embraced the end 2017. I can’t tell you how many


times I saw a #2017bestnine and went back to see the original post because I wanted to get more information about the finished project or yarn. It was a fun way to see some of the projects I missed either from following the person later in the year, or as a result of IG’s feed changes. When I did my own #2017bestnine, I took a minute to think about when I posted each picture. It was a way to reflect on the year, and the growth of Knitting & Nail Polish.




First post – December 4, 2016

I started Knitting & Nail Polish in December 2016. At the time, I had decided not to continue participating in The Crafty Hive podcast because of work constraints (sidenote: definitely check them out on iTunes – you can hear me in the first couple of episodes!). I wanted to keep a connection to the making community, and thought that starting an Instagram account would be more flexible. A year later, I still can’t believe that almost 500 people follow my pictures and stories! I love the ability to connect with people across the world who share in a mutual love of fiber crafts and making. I am excited to see how Knitting & Nail Polish grows in the next year. 

In the last days of 2017 and beginning of 2018, I started to notice #2018makenine popping up in my insta feed. I’ve never really planned my making for the next year. Instead, I knit and create based on what inspires me, what yarn is “speaking” to me at the time. This past year I cleared the needles of a lot of WIPs, used yarn in my stash in unexpected ways, and was more selective in my stash enhancement. However, this year, I want to try to set some making goals. After much deliberation, my #2018makenine goals are:

  1. Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry – I love all the fades, but this one checked off my fade and sweater boxes. I ordered a kit from local indie dyer Autumn and Indigo, and am plan to join the Comfort Fade KAL hosted by Andrea Mowry on Ravelry.
  2. Birds of a Feather by Andrea Mowry –
    Gregoria Fibers and Hedgehog Kid Silk, destined to be Birds of a Feather

    There seems to be a theme here with designers! I purchased yarn single ply for this pattern from Gregoria Fibers and Hedgehog mohair at StevenBe when I was in Minneapolis for a wedding (souvenir yarn!). Mine will be light purples that will be perfect for spring.

  3. Shusui Shrug by Susanne Sommer – I am working on my first brioche project in a long time, a squishy Chromatic Cowl. I don’t have yarn picked out, but I’m thinking of going either in a more neutral direction or full on color.
  4. Absolutely Fabulous Throw by Peggy MacKenzie – I purchased a massive yarn baby of different art yarns from a local indie dyer, The Fibre Studio, on this past year’s Charlotte Yarn Crawl. I think I have enough yarn to do a version of this fabulous throw.
  5. Fair Isle Sweater – I haven’t picked a pattern yet for this one. I’ve been looking at: Sunset Highway and Birkin, both by Caitlin Hunter, but have not made a decision yet. We’ve been discussing going to Iceland and I think this would be the perfect sweater for the trip!
  6. Portage by Melissa Schaschwary – I *think* I have enough skeins of Knitted Wit Polwarth Shimmer in Black Forest to make this happen. I love every single version of this that I have seen.
  7. Menhir by Annie Rowden. Two years ago I purchased a copper-colored yarn that needed a pattern. Before the holidays I matched these two, but ambitious gift knitting (two sweaters and an infinity cowl) meant that this was pushed back.
  8. Dark Champagne by Melanie Berg – I bought this pattern earlier this year, and have two skeins of Dragonfly Fibre Pixie yarn in a deep red that would be perfect. It would be a great shawl for the holidays.
  9. Boothby by Hannah Fettig – I fell in love with this cardigan over two years ago when I bought the Home & Away book. I feel like this would become a wardrobe staple in grey or a deep blue.

The hard part has been to limit the goals to 9 – there are so many other projects and yarns I want to knit with, not to mention projects I want to sew! I can’t wait to see what I will create in 2018!

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