Goodness, how has it already been TWO months since my last post?!? Let’s dive right in!

Finished Objects ….

  • The Weekender Sweater by Andrea Mowry – What a quick knit! I still have not blocked it yet (and will do a separate post about it when I do), but I love how The Fibre Studio yarn knit up. Since it is a light worsted it is perfect for Florida.
  • Tegna by Caitlin Hunter – I finally knit a Tegna! I knit my version out of Youghiogheny Yarns in Wooly Yak – talk about luxurious! I can’t wait to get FO pictures.

On the Needles ….

Y’all….I have not been good about finishing projects! I have so many WIPs, and I just got castonitis this weekend!

  • Spoondrift Shawl MKAL by Alicia Plummer – I’ve loved Alicia Plummer’s summer MKALs in the past, and this year’s MKAL is no exception. I won’t post a spoiler picture here, but my ravelry page is updated. I am using two skeins of Little Fox Yarn in the color “Blue Boy” (which, coincidentally, I also used in last year’s shawl!). I am a bit behind and am working on Clue 3 (Clue 5 was released Monday).
8A8DBFB6-A3BF-44E1-BAED-0720769FC716 2
Little Fox Yarn, Vixen base, Blue Boy
  • Christmas Socks – I decided to join KnittyNatty‘s SockWeek2019 knit-a-long. The goal  of SockWeek2019 was to knit a single adult sock during Shark Week. It was a fun challenge, and I was able to knock out a single sock using a Christmas self-striping colorway I purchased a long time ago. And the most exciting part – I won a prize! I still have to cast on the mate, but I’m shocked I knit a sock in a week! I didn’t use a pattern, but instead knit a plain vanilla sock and did a row of K1, P1 whenever the color changed. I love the effect.
Yarn is Rock and String Creations, Super Sock base, Merry and Bright
  • Soldotna Crop by Caitlin Hunter – I said I wouldn’t cast on another project…and then I went to Four Purls yarn shop in Winter Haven, Florida. Their in-house yarn company, Emma’s Yarn, had a gorgeous selection of DK, so of course I had to pick out colors for a Soldotna crop. I am halfway through the yoke and plan to lengthen the body of the sweater.
Emma’s Yarn, Spectacular DK base, Kale, Tealicious, Zuni and a one of a kind (left to right)
  • A gift – something cozy for a holiday gift that I can’t share for now, but it’s been good purse knitting.
  • Slanted Ladders Cardigan by Laura Dobratz – this one has been on my needles for awhile. I actually finished one collar panel, sewed it on the body of the sweater, sewed in all the ends AND started the second collar panel! Progress!
  • Flying North Socks by Maria Montzka – not much progress from my last post at all. I need to give these some love.

Up Next ….

I am not allowing myself to cast on another project until I get something off the needles! But the next project will likely be a Plumpy shawl (sport weight) – the yarn is already wound up! I also really want to start my Cavalgante sweater, for which I will likely knit a swatch (gasp!).

Stash Acquisition ….

  • Wool and the Gang had a sale (whoops). I bought yarn for the Doolittle Coat (for my dog), Julia Sweater, Hold Tight Clutch and Pop Life Cardigan.
  • I went to Four Purls yarn shop in Winter Haven with a friend. It’s about 1 1/2 hours from us, so a quick day trip. I shopped, knit, shopped some more, and met an Instagram friend! In addition to the yarn for the Soldotna Crop, I bought two skeins for a hat (one DK and one mohair), Malabrigo fiber and a single skein for Joji Locatelli’s Storm Shawl.
The wall of Emma’s Yarn at Four Purls
  • I bought a couple new project bags! After convincing from a friend, I purchased a large Atomic Freedom Bag from Magpie Fibers. In addition to being great to store a project when I’m out and about, it also makes a great purse. I purchased the crossbody strap, which I highly recommend. I also purchased a Twill & Print Waxed Canvas Drawstring Bag. I have wanted one of these bags for so long, and I couldn’t be happier – in fact, I think I may like it more than my Fringe Town Bag! The bag is so well made and cheerful – I have been using it daily!


  • My LYS, Criativity, has its own alpacas, and just brought in yarn spun from their fleece! I’m not sure what these will be, but I needed them. They are soooo soft!


Three Things I’m Currently Loving ….

  • I purchased a HP Sprocket printer and have been doing memory planning. I was hesitant to get a small printer, but I love being able to print out the pictures on my phone, many that I do not share on Instagram. I’ve also found some fun ways to use it outside of memory planner, too! For my Mom’s birthday dinner I took pictures of everyone at the dinner and printed the pictures to put in a card to give her before we left. Since we went for sushi, I picked up a fun Papyrus card with sushi as a keepsake. I also printed out a picture I took on date night with my boyfriend and hid it on his desk when I left town for work. The pictures print on a sticker, which I think is a bonus for memory planning.
  • We are in full rainy season in Florida, and I don’t hate it. I work from home, and love the sound of rain while I work.
  • I recently picked up an issue of Women’s Health Magazine and was really impressed by the content. I am working towards being a healthier, fitter version of myself, and I found some great workouts and health tips in the magazine.

Thanks for joining me this week! Happy Knitting!

xoxo, Corinna

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