Crav(ing) Yarn

One of the reasons I love going to Stitches South, aside from a weekend filled with yarn and serious stash enhancement, is discovering small yarn dyers (this is probably why I cannot fathom canceling my Yarnbox subscription). One of the new-to-me dyers I discovered this year is Crave Yarn. Based out of New Mexico, Crave Yarn delivers gorgeous yarns in beautiful kettle-dyed colors. I picked up two skeins of the One base, a single ply fingering weight merino wool. My intention was to knit the beautiful cowl that the owner was wearing, but the moment I saw Brooklyn Tweed’s Jujika cowl, I knew it was a match made in knitting heaven.


It was very difficult to capture the full beauty of the yarns. Rolling Thunder, on the left, had hints of grey with pink and copper. It reminded me of the sky at dusk, with a storm rolling in. Voice the Vision, on the right, is more turquoise-y than then picture. The two made a perfectly unique combination for the cowl.


I forgot how tedious color work knitting is. I absolutely loved the pattern as it knit up, I absolutely loved how the yarn felt to knit with, but I absolutely loathed the color work. But, hey, I LOVE the finished product.

This was taken after the first block. The pattern required two wet blocks – one before joining the edges and one after.

After the second block, the yarn softened up even more, which I didn’t think was possible. I am always amazed at how soft wool can get.


I was hoping the cowl would be long enough to twist twice around my neck, but I think I held the yarn too tight. If I knit this pattern again, I would add at least two more repeats to make it longer. However, I still think the cowl is extremely wearable.

I would definitely recommend checking out Crave Yarn, especially the insanely soft Thoreau yarn (Yak and Silk blend). Isn’t it gorgeous??

Check out my ravelry page for all the deets on my Jujika!

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