Christmas knitting…success?

For me, the holidays were a whirlwind of traveling: between North Carolina and Florida, and between our families and friends. By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, I was ready for a vacation from my vacation, so when I had a low key, uneventful New Year’s Eve, I did not complain. 2016 bowed out, and 2017 softy stepped up.

Although I didn’t manage to finish my sister’s Hue Shift Afghan (new goal: birthday afghan?? We will talk about that later…), I did manage to knit a few smaller projects:

I used just over one skein. If two inches of the ribbing was eliminated, I think one skein would be sufficient.

Cashmere Pondhopper – When I received Jade Sapphire’s ReLuxe Lite (recycled fromcashmere sweaters!) in my November yarnbox, I knew it would be perfect for my environmental science major sister. She is spending this month studying London’s environmental efforts, and had requested a hat. And so I made a slightly slouchier version of Alicia Plummer’s Pondhopper hat.



Love the texture of this hat!

Although not as soft as a new cashmere, I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the yarn was to knit with. After blocking, the stitch definition was not as great, but I think it still turned out to be a beautiful hat.





I didn’t want to give this one up!

London Cowl – Since my sister had a hand knit hat, she obviously had to have something knit for her neck. I decided to go with the Gap-tastic cowl because (1) its harder to lose a cowl and (2) it was knit in a bulky yarn so it would knit up fast. I used James C. Brett Marble Chunky, one of my favorite, high-quality acrylic yarns. Not only is it machine washable, but it has great colors and it $15 a ball.

Michael’s Hat – I don’t have a finished picture of this one. My brother requested a hat that “didn’t have holes” (aka was knit with a smaller needle) for his upcoming trip to the northwest. I used Ella Rae Classic Superwash (worsted weight) with a size 6 needles for a quick, tight-fitting hat.


Love my Sirka for keeping track of repeats!

Parchment Paper Hat – This was totally selfish knitting! I picked up an off-white skein of Maddish DK with the intention to make a fun hat with a furry pompom! I ended up doing a tighter version of Alicia Plummer’s Holt beanie.




Hat love ❤

I modified the pattern by adding an additional set of increases to offset using a size 6 needle for the entire hat (basically, I forgot my needle set at the house and didn’t want to wait to continue knitting on it after I finished the ribbing). I picked up the faux-fur pompom from my LYS, but a variety are available on Etsy.




I may not have finished everything I had planned to knit (and may have added a few unplanned projects), but I think it was a handmade Christmas success.

At least I’ve been weaving in the ends!

My sister’s Hue Shift Afghan is definitely a work in progress. In retrospect, I should have used Shine Worsted instead of Shine Sport. Worsted would have knit up SO MUCH FASTER. Or maybe its just a time-consuming knit. Either way, I do love how it looks so far. Her birthday is January 14, and while I highly doubt I can finish by then, I can add a couple days for mail delivery, right?? Or maybe I can swing it as a Valentine’s Day gift…


Do you have any handmade Christmas gifts that have turned into birthday/Valentine’s Day/Mother’s or Father’s Day/next Christmas gifts?

4 thoughts on “Christmas knitting…success?

  1. Such beautiful hats, i didn’t have any plans but my sister gave me some hand dyed yarn this Christmas that I might use to create something special for her (as an extra gift or it may seem a bit strange, still not 100%). I loved visiting everyone too but was happy spending some more time recently knitting, spinning and weaving. 👍

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